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Claypot Catering is a Cork owned and Cork based catering company which has been involved in catering since 1995. Claypot Catering originally started as a restaurant and also catered for events. In 1996, their company developed into Construction Catering and in 2006, were awarded their first In-House Catering contract. In March of 2009 Claypot opened their first Gourmet Food Store in Turners Cross, Cork city, Ireland.

Since 1996, Claypot have operated the catering facilities on 25 sites with site employee numbers starting at 250 and going up to 1,000 plus. Their attention to good food and quick efficient service is the main reason they have been involved in this many projects. They believe, regardless of the location, qualified chefs, trained catering staff and an experienced management team ensure that any catering facility is used to its full capacity.


Claypot Catering provides services for corporate events and private gatherings of all sizes.

  • Weddings & engagement parties
  • Conferences / Breakfast & Lunch meetings
  • Office parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Birthdays & anniversaries
  • Family celebrations - Christenings,Communions & Confirmations
  • Funerals
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